Elmwood Meat Locker
214  Magnolia Street    Elmwood, IL 61529       
Elmwood Meat Locker
est. 1956
My father, Jerome, opened this establishment in 1956.  I
started working for him after he passed in 1986.  Since
then, I have been working on my recipes for beef sticks and
jerky.  Finally perfecting them in 1991.  I have a trademark
for all of the beef sticks and jerky.  We sell in gas stations,
bars and convenient stores.  We are always looking for new
business, so give us a call.

We do custom butchering and processing.  We sell beef and
pork from local reputable farmers.  We smoke all of our
own products.  We have a full service retail meat case on
Fridays and Saturdays.  We sell frozen meat anytime.  

Check out our website for our prices on deer processing.
We look forward doing business with you.
Thank you,
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